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Lemon of Sorrento: a small yellow treasure available in Fondi

enter in Fondi, you will be surprised by the intense and irresistible scent of the Sorrento Lemon. This little treasure with its shining yellow reflections will immediately make you think of polished gold. This lemon is one of our most heartfelt regional traditions. The Sorrento lemon has always been present on the tables of Italians.

Not just IGP Sorrento lemons

Lemons, with their strong flavor and full-bodied pulp, can be used in many ways in the kitchen and other areas, thanks to their important nutritional properties and curative and reinforcing properties. Our company was founded to enhance the Sorrento lemon IGP, but nowadays it also deals with
the cultivation and retailing of:

  • Limone Primo Fiore;
  • Limone Bianchetto;
  • Limone Verdello;
  • Bergamotto;
  • Cedro;
  • Limoncello

Among the different citrus available for sale at our premises, you cannot miss the Sicilian oranges. If the lemon of Sorrento can be considered the king of the Italian table, the orange of Sicily is rightfully the queen.

Seasons of quality

What allows our products to be so appreciated by customers is certainly the freshness and quality that only seasonal products can have. All products are certified and checked directly by our staff.
Volumes (referring to the production phases):

  • Lemons: 250 tons per day
  • Oranges: 100 tons per day
  • Clementines: 100/120 tons per day
Lemon Primo Fiore Sicilia X X X X X
Lemon Bianchetto Sicilia X X X
Lemon Verdello Sicilia X X X X
Lemon Sorrento Campania X X X X X X X
Lemon Verna Spain X X X
Lemon Primo Fiore Spain X X X X X
Lemon Eureka Argentina X X X X
Cedar Campania X X X X X X X X X
Nuts Sorrento fresche Campania X X
Nuts Sorrento secche Campania X X X X
Oranges Tarocco Sicilia X X X X
Oranges Ovale Sicilia X X X
Oranges Valencia Spain X X X X X
Oranges Valencia Spain X X X X X