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The uses of lemon in the kitchen:
a true cure-all at your fingertips

Lemons are a real treasure, an invaluable source of beneficial properties for more than just the body. Often, the lemon turns into a valuable ally in everyday life, facilitating cleaning and helping to counteract the presence of annoying and harmful insects.

On this page, we will reveal some of the uses of lemon in the kitchen that will truly impact your day.

Would you like to have strawberries always fresh and ready to be eaten?

Strawberries are undoubtedly one of the sweetest and most loved fruits that the beautiful season provides. The problem, however, is that their maturation occurs quickly. Strawberries are so delicious, but of course they are better if they can stay fresh longer.

Why not store them in the freezer and then enjoy them later if you prefer? You can do this safely in the following way. Before putting strawberries in a storage container, immerse them first in lemon juice and then in sugar. This way, you can be certain of having your favorite fruit fresh and ready at your fingertips.

Did you forget the lettuce in the fridge?

Sometimes with your busy day, you may have forgotten you still have lettuce in the fridge.

Have several days passed since you bought it and now it has wilted?

There is no need to throw it away.

Just immerse it in a container filled with cold water and lemon juice. Leave it in the fridge for about an hour

When you take it out you will discover that it will have recovered a fresh consistency and will be ready to be served.

How to remove the smell of fried fish?

Who can resist fried fish?

But its smell can be difficult to remove.

You can prevent the smell of fried fish from remaining in the house.

Just marinate the fish in vinegar with some lemon juice for about twenty minutes before cooking.

In addition to avoiding an unpleasant smell, the fish will also have more flavor.

Your favorite shirt was soiled with rust stains?

Do not worry, you have a new ally: lemon!

Boil a pot full of water and add the juice of three lemons.

After the water has come to a boil, hold the stained fabric over the steam.

Later, you can proceed with washing.

You will discover that the stain will vanish in no time at all.

A white plastic cutting board is a convenient tool, but it gets dirty easily?

Clean it with lemon juice mixed with bicarbonate of soda.

The cutting board will become white again even in the grooves left by the knives, which tend to darken after use.