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Company Profile


La Costiera is a company that specializes in the production and sale of citrus fruit in Fondi. Our company was born in the Sixties from a project that has its roots in the beautiful Sorrento area. The Vinaccia family, who lead the business activities, come from Sorrento. It all began as a small family business with the aim of promoting and selling a product of Italian excellence, the Lemon of Sorrento, which has now become an IGP product. It was at the end of the Nineties, precisely in 1997, that the company moved into the well-known agri-food center in the province of Latina.

Over time, La Costiera has become a leader in the production and sale of citrus fruits in general. In addition to Sorrento lemons, we produce and sell citrons, bergamot, Messina IGP lemons and other varieties. The wide range of fruits produced allows the company to offer its customers excellent citrus fruit all year round.

In 2007, the company moved to its current location in the industrial area of Fondi, in a larger structure that is capable of containing state-of-the-art equipment and cold storage cells.

La Costiera

Our citrus fruit: quality for everyone

We sell various types of citrus fruit in central and northern Italy, supplying numerous supermarket chains. The quality of our products now reaches markets past the border. The Costiera citrus fruits are in fact exported to England, Germany and Northern Europe. In addition, our company imports some products from Argentina, South Africa and Spain.

We continue to grow, which is why the formulation of important commercial agreements with other foreign markets is underway. Our main objective is to enhance and promote the quality and unique taste of the Sorrento Lemon, which, not chemically treated, brings the authentic scents of the Sorrento coast to Italian tables and beyond.

The plantations where most of our products are grown are located in Piano di Sorrento, Sant’Agnello and other areas of Campania, Calabria and Sicily.

Certified and controlled goodness

We know that what makes Italian products unique and inimitable is the constant control to which they are subjected to with diligent oversight.
This is precisely why we highlight the certifications that our company holds for production:

  • GLOBALG.A.P.Ver. 4.0-2 – Option 2, product “La Costiera branded Lemons”, certificate n. 00031-CCHNL-0002, issued by CCPB SRL on ACCREDIA accreditation.
  • ISO 14001: 2004, field of application “Marketing of fruit and vegetables, by selection of the product supplied, washing with water and packaging”, certificate no. IT251069, issued by Bureau Veritas on ACCREDIA accreditation.
  • ISO 9001: 2008, field of application “Processing and packaging of lemons and citrus fruits. Marketing of fruit and vegetables “, certificate n. IT251082, issued by Bureau Veritas on ACCREDIA accreditation.
  • BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety – Issue 6, field of application “Selection, handling and packaging of lemons and citrus fruits”, certificate n. 748/002, issued by Bureau Veritas on accreditation by UKAS
  • IFS Food – Version 6, field of application “Selection, handling and packaging of lemons and citrus fruits”, certificate n. 748/001, issued by Bureau Veritas on ACCREDIA accreditation.
  • Costiera also operates according to the Supply Chain Security standards established by Walmart Stores and verified with UL audits